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Final Programs

Please find below links to the Final Programs, for both the in-person meeting May 24 - 26 and the Zoom meeting May 30 - June 1, 2022.

                            Program for In-Person Meeting

                            Program for Virtual Meeting

Each paper is to be 20 minutes, followed by discussion.


The conference has a registration-secure, conference website using Hopin software will be managed by York’s Learning Technology Services.

The virtual meeting via Zoom will take place through this website May 30 – June 1, 2022.

All the in-person presentations will be recorded (with presenters’ consent) and posted on the registration-secure, conference website from May 30. The virtual meeting will also be recorded (with presenters’ consent) and posted on the website. Thus, participants who cannot attend in-person will have access to the in-person presentations through the website. In-person participants may also participate in the virtual meeting. The website will have discussion forums for ongoing conversations. The registration-secure, conference website will be available until February 2023.

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