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The North American Schelling Society hosts an a conference every other year in a different North American location. Each conference is organized around a broad theme aiming to further Schelling-related research. New submissions are always welcome


The Second Annual Meeting of the North American Schelling Society with the theme ‘Futures of Schelling’ took place at Western University in London, ON from August 29 – 31st, 2013. The aim of the conference was to address the broad theme of the futures that Schelling opens up, in his own work, in the work of contemporaries or predecessors that he helps us to reconceptualize, and in the way his work informs or can inform subsequent and future philosophical, theoretical, and interdisciplinary work.

Plenary papers were delivered by Joan Steigerwald (York University), Tilottama Rajan (Western University), and Iain Grant (University of the West of England).

Click here for full conference program

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