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Here you will find announcements and news related to upcoming Schelling events and publications.

Upcoming NASS lecture by Professor Tanehisa Otabe on May 19, 2021! All are welcome!

The North American Schelling Society is pleased to host Professor Tanehisa Otabe of the University of Tokyo, who will be giving a talk virtually on "Schelling in Japan" on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 3 p.m. PST, 6pm EST, 7:30 p.m. NST.

Professor Tanehisa Otabe is the foremost authority on aesthetics and Romantic philosophy in Japan today and the former President of the Japanese Schelling Society. Professor Otabe is the author of ten books—six singled-authored—covering a variety of topics, from the history of Western aesthetics to contemporary art theory.  

As the NASS 7 conference, originally scheduled for this May in Toronto, has been postponed to 2022, Professor Otabe's talk will provide a rich and fruitful occasion for the international Schelling community to come together online. In particular, this event offers NASS an occasion to meet with the Japanese Schelling society, as was originally planned for NASS Toronto, and will now happen in 2022.

Professor Otabe is also scheduled to deliver the George Story Lecture virtually to the Memorial University community the following day. This event is open to the public and the NASS community is encouraged to attend. On Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 3 p.m. PST, 6pm EST, 7:30 p.m. NST, he will speak on "Aesthetic Disinterestedness: Kant, Schopenhauer, Heidegger, and Duchamp."

To receive the Zoom link and password for both events please register at All are warmly invited!




























Sean McGrath, Canadian Chair of the North American Schelling Society, with Tanehisa Otabe, Professor of Aesthetics

at the University of Tokyo and former President of the Japanese Schelling Society, at the entrance to the University of Tokyo.





New Project: Electronic Hybrid Edition of Schelling's Berlin Philosophy of Revelation (1841-1845) at the University of Vienna led by Dr. Christian Danz


In this hybrid edition project funded by the FWF (Austria), Schelling’s (1775-1854) Berlin Lectures on ‘Philosophy of Revelation (1841-45)’ will be made accessible to research in a text-critical edition at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Vienna (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Danz). The project is the basis for two further modules dedicated to the digital edition of the ‘Berlin Schelling’:

Module 1: Schelling’s Berlin Philosophy of Revelation (1841-1845)

Module 2: Schelling’s Berlin Philosophy of Mythology (1842-1846)

Module 3: Schelling’s Berlin Exposition of the Negative or Purely Rational Philosophy (1846-1854)


Despite his importance and influence, there is still no reliable text-critical edition of Schelling's late works available to researchers. Likewise, Schelling’s extensive partial estate, which is kept in the BBAW archives, has not yet been accessible to research. The posthumous edition of the late works by his son Karl Friedrich August Schelling cannot make up for this deficit.

The project “Electronic Hybrid Edition ‘Schelling’s Berlin Philosophy of Revelation (1841-1845)’” addresses this serious desideratum of research and creates for the first time a digital text-critical and work-genetic edition of the Berlin Philosophy of Revelation. The scientific goal of the project is to break up the monolithic structure of the Philosophy of Revelation in the Sämmtliche Werke and to scientifically reconstruct its work and text-historical development. The project realizes this by means of a digital database-based open-access edition in the edition environment ediarum. Schelling’s late major work Philosophy of Revelation is still subject to further development during his time in Berlin from 1841 to 1854. This is precisely what the version of the Sämmtliche Werke hides, suggesting an inner closure of the text. Only a text-genetic edition, which will make the work-historical development of the Philosophy of Revelation just as transparent as its complex debate-historical context, will make a precise decoding of his late philosophy possible, which leads to revising classical patterns of interpretation of the philosophical development of the 19th century. In this way, the Berlin Philosophy of Revelation can be used to show how Schelling not only initiated the historiographical thrusts in the sciences that began in the middle of the century, but also productively takes them up himself in his late work.

This work will be carried out in three interlocking pillars: a. digital open-access edition, b. scholarly indexing, and c. print edition.


Project management:             Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Danz

Project staff:                             Dr. Christopher Arnold

                                                   Dr. Michael Hackl

                                                   Mag. Bernhard Lasser

Co-operation partner:            Internationale Schelling-Gesellschaft e.V.


















An original scan of one of the Schelling manuscripts on which the project team is currently working


Call for Papers – Journal: “Schelling-Studien” 9 (2021)


The international journal Schelling-Studien: Zeitschrift zur klassischen deutschen Philosophie was first published in 2013 and appears annually. It is edited by Lore Hühn (Freiburg), Philipp Höfele (Freiburg), Philipp Schwab (Freiburg) and Paul Ziche (Utrecht) on behalf of the International Schelling-Society and published by “Alber” (Freiburg). The journal is committed to offering an independent forum for scientific work on Schelling’s philosophy, comparable to academic research being conducted in separate journals on Kant, Fichte and Hegel. The journal Schelling-Studien, however, is also open to research on historical and systematic inquiries connected with German Idealism in a broader scope as well as for those concerning Schelling’s and Idealism’s historical legacy.


The volumes of the journal are usually split into five sections. The first section, “Aufsätze” (“Essays”), is not dependent on a specific topic. Besides this open section for contributions some volumes contain a “Schwerpunkt” (“Main Topic”) as second section. The third section, “Dokumente” (“Documents”), plays an important role, as it contains reports on newly discovered documents or those now available on Schelling, as well as those that fall within the wider context of Schelling’s philosophy. Short historical documents will also be published in this section. The fourth section, “Berichte” (“Reports”), contains a collection of reports on talks and conferences, dates for upcoming events and general information. Every volume closes with the fifth section, “Rezensionen” (“Reviews”), where new and significant international publications on Schelling-Research are discussed.


Submissions for all sections are welcomed. Contributions are reviewed anonymously by peer review by two internationally acclaimed experts; an international advisory committee ensures the scientific quality of the review process. The deadline for submissions for the ninth edition (2021) is March 31st 2021. The section “Schwerpunkt” (“Main Topic”) of the current volume will be put together by the editors. The Style Sheet for the format of the texts is available from the editors. Contributions will be printed in German, English, French and Italian. The journal Schelling-Studien is complemented by the series Beiträge zur SchellingForschung for monographs and collected volumes.

For more information:

NASS Co-Chair Sean McGrath speaks at the Japanese Schelling Society Meeting:


The Canadian Chair of the North American Schelling Society Sean McGrath was a guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Japanese Schelling Society in Toyama, Japan, on the 6th of July 2019. 
NASS expects to welcome a group of scholars from Japan at our next meeting, scheduled for Toronto in May 2020.



Past NASS news:

On March 20, 2019, NASS Co-Chairs Sean McGrath and Jason Wirth, along with Treasurer Kyla Bruff, discussed the Freedom Essay with Dr. Owen Ware's PHL2084 class at the University of Toronto. It was a fruitful and stimulating event! 

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