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Here you will find announcements and news related to upcoming Schelling events and publications.



CALL FOR PAPERS - Schelling-Studien, volume 8 (deadline for submissions:
March 15th, 2020):


Most recent NASS news:


The Canadian Chair of the North American Schelling Society Sean McGrath was a guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Japanese Schelling Society in Toyama Japan on the 6th of July 2019. 
NASS expects to welcome a group of scholars from Japan at our next meeting, scheduled for Toronto in May 2020.


Sean McGrath, Canadian Chair of the North American Schelling Society, with Tanehisa Otabe, Professor of Aesthetics

at the University of Tokyo and President of the Japanese Schelling Society, at the entrance to the University of Tokyo.


















Past NASS news:

On March 20, 2019, NASS Co-Chairs Sean McGrath and Jason Wirth, along with Treasurer Kyla Bruff, discussed the Freedom Essay with Dr. Owen Ware's PHL2084 class at the University of Toronto. It was a fruitful and stimulating event! 

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