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In line with other learned societies, NASS is moving towards charging membership fees. These fees will support the society journal, Kabiri, serve to maintain the website, and help us continue to further and promote Schelling studies.

Although membership fees are not required for participation in NASS 7 in Toronto, all participants are encouraged to now become official members to support the society. Membership will be required for participation in future conferences, including NASS 8.

Those who pay their membership fees before or at NASS 7 in 2022 will have their names printed at the back of the fourth volume of Kabiri (2022) as the first supporting members of the society.

The yearly membership fees are as follows:

Full-time Faculty: 80 USD / 100 CAD
Students/Part-time or contingent faculty/Emeriti: 20 USD / 25 CAD


A reduction on the fee will be offered for those who wish to pay their 2022 and 2023 fees in a single payment. The two-year membership fees are:


Full-time Faculty: 135 USD / 170 CAD
Students/Part-time or contingent faculty/Emeriti: 35 USD / 45 CAD

Fees can be paid by the following methods:
(1) Via Paypal to the North American Schelling Society at
(2) Via e-transfer (CAD only) to
(3) Via cheque, either in person at NASS 7 or by mail, payable to the "North American Schelling Society" and sent to:
Kyla Bruff
Treasurer of the North American Schelling Society
Department of Philosophy
3A35 Paterson Hall
1125 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6
(4) In cash, given in person to Kyla Bruff at NASS 7 in Toronto.


Receipts will be issued for all payments.


Thank you for considering supporting the North American Schelling Society! 

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