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NASS 8 Excursion

Riverside State Park:
The Bowl and Pitcher

This year's nature excursion will be to Riverside State Park for the Bowl and Pitcher Hike. This short hike boasts arock formations, a bridge and some campgrounds. At just 2.1 miles, the loop won't take too long, but you'll enjoy views of an impressive river, rocky outcroppings, and some expansive views. 

For more information, see:

Please email conference organizer Tyler Tritten (tritten [at] and let him know if you would like to attend the Naturforschung to the Bowl and Pitcher on Sunday, May 26th.

We will also have the sign-up sheet available at the conference itself, but I would like to have a decent idea of our numbers in advance so that I know how many vehicles we will need, as we will be carpooling to the location.

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